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Is the NASA Technology Transfer Program Right for You?

Through its Technology Transfer Program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has made its technology available “to promote the commercialization and public availability of Federally-owned inventions to benefit the national economy and the U.S. Public.”  See http://technology.nasa.gov/startup

The NASA patent portfolio is available online at  http://technology.nasa.gov/patents

Categories of inventions include:

-Health, Medicine, and Biotechnology
-IT and Software
-Materials and Coatings
-Mechanical and Fluid Systems
-Power Generation and Storage
-Robotics, Automation and Control

According to the NASA website, qualifying companies may be able to receive a license from NASA with no up-front costs for commercial use of NASA’s patented technologies.

A sample NASA licensing agreement is available at: http://technology.nasa.gov/media/NASA_Startup_License_Agreement.pdf

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